Corvallis Furniture was created by local college students with the goal of providing students and residents with an affordable solution for furniture needs while reducing the amount of good usable furniture destined for the landfill.

Year after year we’ve all witnessed the streets of Corvallis get flooded with unwanted furniture because people are on a deadline to move out.  In 2011, we began helping other students by hauling away unwanted furniture and restoring items for re-use.  We quickly learned there was a huge need for our service and began working with local property managers and sustainability groups to spread the word about our services.

We would not have been able to sustain this project without the many hours of help from family, friends, and volunteers as well as the numerous referrals and support from local businesses and organizations that include Habitat ReStore, McDonald Upholstery, PK Furniture Repair, Tee’s & More, and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.


Corvallis Furniture offers a wide selection of new furniture. We have expanded our operation to 10,000 sq. ft. of retail/warehouse/workshop space carrying popular brands (Ashley, Coaster, Emerald) of new furniture for every room in the home. Our non-commissioned sales staff works hard to help you find the perfect furniture for your living space. Several times per term we offer free classes to teach others how to repair and rehab furniture.