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It’s almost that time again! Corvallis will soon be filled with cars packed to the brim, moving trucks, and parents dropping off their babies as they head home to an empty nest. Apartments, houses, townhouses and dorms will need furnishings that will not only provide students with items they need like desks and office chairs, but items that will make a hard day of studying more comfortable such as sofas and mattresses. This newsletter will serve as a guide to help you make the best purchases at Corvallis’ most affordable furniture destination!  

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Let’s start with the most important item for any college student — your mattress.

Your mattress is going to dictate how rested you feel when you are forced to wake up for that 8AM class you regretfully signed up for (DOH!).

One of the things we are constantly hearing for students is that they want the cheapest mattress we have. Our cheapest mattresses are meant for children ages 4-10 so we warn students that this will breakdown quickly under adult weight. Yes, you are officially an adult. Students usually respond with, “Oh I’ll just put a mattress topper on it.”

Unless you currently own the topper, which is only going to add limited life to the mattress, you are better off spending your money on our Brighton model. It’s comfortable, memory foam, doesn’t bounce like a trampoline and will last you the four (let’s be honest five) years of school. It’s rated for 10 years of use in case grad-school is in your future. With student discount a twin will cost you $135.



You mean I have to do homework? 

Now that we have sleep covered it’s time to dive into what you’ll be procrastinating on all year round, your desk. First what we want to be thinking about is how much space do you have and how much space do you need? If you are going to be primarily using a laptop, textbook and notebook then maybe a flat writing style desk will be right for you. If you are in a major that would benefit from an additional monitor and you are trying to figure out how to fit it all on a single desk, possibly an “L” shaped desk can accomplish this. A large selection of our L-desks are reversible so you aren’t so limited on how you arrange your room.  



Mom says you need to put away your laundry!


As far as dressers go we highly recommend our selection of locally made furniture. Unlike dressers from big-box stores (cough Ik*a cough) our’s come fully assembled and the box is made with real pine wood. What this means for you is half way through next school year you won’t be losing the bottoms of your dressers drawers, the face plates won’t detach, and the glides will last longer. Spend a little more money and get something that will last, rather than buy a new dresser next year. 



This sofa will fit anywhere and in any car!

This year we added a new product to our line up that we just love for college student living. The Sofa-in-a-Box is our newest top recommended couch for college students. This sofa comes broken apart in a 3’ x 3’ box, meaning you can take it into a tight place piece by piece. Comfortable durable fabric,  the 3 Sofa-in-a-Box models are pieces every college student needs to consider when thinking about their living room!

Good luck this school year! 
If there is anything you need furniture or mattress wise, do not hesitate to call us at 541-286-4658, message us on Facebook or Instagram @CorvallisFurniture, or Email us at


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