Your guide to Leather




  • Leather is a natural material; making it an ideal choice for comfort.
  • Leather has excellent temperature adaptationmaking it comfortable during the heat of the summer and cool of the winter.


  • Leather conforms to your body shape and becomes more comfortable

with use.

  • Only leather ages so that it becomes more supple throughout the years.


  • Each leather hide is unique – No one hide is exactly like another.
  • Leather comes with its own distinctive markings and characteristics; making each purchase truly unique.


  • Leather has legendary tear strength, making 1t one of the strongest uphols ery materials known to man.
  • Leather ‘s strength and elasticity gives it high ripping resistance.


  • Like our skin, leather has tight as well as strong fibers that prevent the penetration / of dust, lint, animal or cigarette

smoke.                                      /

  • Leather is an ideal choice for those persons who are dust-sensitive or possess allergenic conditions.


  • Leather is naturally ftame resistant and will not readily burn or melt.



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